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Andractim DHT Gel Review – Does It really work ?

Andractim DHT Gel Review – Does it help increase your testosterone ?

Read our Andractim DHT Gel Review today &  find out why certain testosterone replacement products are all the rage of 2018

With more studies revealing the link between the drop in men’s testosterone levels as they age, due to carrying more weight, this leads to having having less energy and having a low libido. So It is little surprise that a number of products have actually struck the shelves guaranteeing to increase a guy’s ability to produce testosterone.

Andractim Cream

Andractim dht Testosterone cream Gel  helps males increase their testosterone levels naturally as they age.

While primarily marketed for older guys this item is also suitable for those who do bodybuilding and for men that have a low libido

Andractim Testosterone Gel is an item that is medically recommended to be applied to the skin instead of internally.

Since the concentration level of the active ingredients are much lower than the prescription version, this item can be got over the counter.

The majority of gels available are artificial testosterone.

Andractim uses Dihydrotestonerone or DHT which is a version of testosterone that is quicker absorbed into the body especially through the skin. This means that unlike numerous natural or herbal products, it is actually feeding your body the testosterone it desires in order to increase  your sex drive, helps you boost your lean muscle mass as well as boost the total energy and mood of a man.


andractim dht gel review

Andractim Gel Uses

Apart from being a cream that helps boost testosterone levels, Andractim Gel is also an easy and budget friendly way to treat male bust growth ( also know as moobs ), which helps you stays clear of expensive surgical treatment.

Approximatly 5 grams of Andractim Gel should be applied to the skin on the upper body several times a day.

The DHT in the gel is then absorbed through the skin right into the blood stream. The DHT works to recover the balance of androgens to estrogens, then undesirable bust development disappears.

Studies have actually observed no re-growth of these cells, as well as no negative side effects either.

Results start showing in just 10 days, so a few tubes of Andractim Gel is usually all that is required to help make this happen thus making Andractim a very good value for money product.

Why spend money on surgery when within 3 months you can start seeing results via this gel.

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Just how Does Andractim gel Lotion Work

Most of the topical treatments (in lotion or gel form) are made with artificial testosterone.

Andractim DHT Gel is really DHT or Dihydrotestosterone.

DHT is a metabolite of testosterone and is actually more powerful in that androgen receptors and is many times a lot more receptive to DHT than they are to testosterone.

Applying Twice a day application of the Andractim DHT gel enables it to be absorbed into the body.  It gets to areas such as the prostate and also scalp with relative simplicity, however it takes a little bit more to get to the muscles. This is why 2 applications are required daily.

As a non-aromatizing androgen Andractim will not convert to estrogen. Andractim is likewise credited with somewhat suppressing estrogen. It is this that results in positive results when utilizing the item.

Andractim is best if you:

  • Required a simple to take and apply anabolic product
  • Want an increase to all-natural testosterone levles
  • Prevent having to take shots or tablets
  • Get An Actual DHT item that does not go back to estrogen;

Andractim Side Effects

Most studies have reported no adverse effects. The following adverse effects are uncommon and also often caused by a more than required dosage of Andractim. Reducing the dose will resolve the symptoms.

  • State of mind swings and also impatience
  • Too much energy or indications of being hyperactive
  • Weight gain
  • Additional hair growth
  • Hoarsenes
  • Oily skin
  • Acne

Does DHT gel cause loss of hair?

Long-term use of DHT may cause hair loss, particularly if you have Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) in your household.

There are actions you can take to mitigate this danger: utilize DHT for no greater than 3 months at a time optimum, and also utilize a topical DHT obstructing hair shampoo for as long as you’re using Andractim Gel.

How Long Does Testosterone Gel Take To Absorb

Squeeze two units of testosterone lotion onto your finger. Recommended dosages for topical creams are often in  “fingertip” measurements. One unit equals a quantity of cream pressed from tube onto the finger, from the tip to the very first joint. Two units would equal a strip of cream from the tip of the finger to the 2nd joint, or very first knuckle. If you miss your daily dose of testosterone lotion, just use it if you remember, keep in mind within 9 hours of your normal dosage time.

Apply testosterone cream to clean skin the same time each day. The most convenient time for many is right after their daily shower. Massage therapy the testosterone lotion right into the skin on the shoulder, upper arms, or stomach. Continue rubbing the testosterone cream right into your skin till it is totally absorbed. Testosterone lotion normally liquifies within One Minute when rubbed right into the skin.

Does Andractim Gel Work

The reality is that it does work !!

No prescription required. It’s function is to restore the balance of male to female hormonal ratio in the body. It has been linked with remedying the results of gynomastia and may even cause penis development in specific men as well.

This item is only for guys who really need an increase in their testosterone. This is best identified by a physician. It is advisable to see your doctor first to establish if this is the product is suitable for you.

It is a powerful product that perhaps needs to only be utilized in the short-term as no long term research studies have been performed. However, there is little doubt as to the effectiveness of Andractim Testosterone Gel. When utilized in the appropriate amounts, it boosts testosterone levels which in turn are needed to assist in the reducing fat from the body.



Andractim Gel Price

Go to the website for the first time and register, once done you will be able to place your orders and save 10% on your first and future orders

for 2 tubes of cream at 80 grams per tube of dht gel you will be looking at

Price: £122.00 / €147.00*

for 4 tubes of cream at 80 grams per tube of dht gel you will be looking at

Price: £218.00 / €263.00*

Buy Andractim Gel

The main website for buying this product is

the pros are is that yes this products works and will help improve your sex drive

the cons are that it is quite expensive for a cream, but if you want to cure a problem you may have to pay a little bit extra.

 Alternative Product -Testogene

If andractim is still not available from there main website Another product on the market which works just as well and is alot cheaper is testogen, and to me, this offers a lot less stress and hassle, ( no squeezing tubes, rubbing on your chest etc ) is a product called  GYNECTROL




  • ncrease your strength and stamina through improved muscle size
  • Sharpen your focus whether at work or at play
  • Banish tiredness, irritability, loss of concentration and excess body fat
  • Reverse loss of stamina, decreased muscle tone and poor libido






4 Ways You Can Change Your Attitude About Diet and Fitness

Want to stick with a healthier lifestyle once and for all? Giving up donuts and going for daily walks help. But no matter how much you diet and exercise, you will never make a fixed change without having a healthy attitude.

Here are four ways you can change your attitude about diet and fitness.

Learn to Understand Yourself

Before you can decide to change your attitude, you need to understand yourself. What are your motivations? What will help you stay motivated to complete that workout? What obstacles do you need to overcome? Once you understand what those challenges are, you can begin trying to work around them. This will make your attitude better and set your mind in the right place.

Celebrate Every Achievement

Set both big and small goals for yourself in both diet and fitness. This will give you something to aim for each day. Make a challenge that will help you to achieve them but not so hard that you will want to give up instantly. Set pre-determined milestones and celebrate them when you have accomplished each. Buy that dress you’ve been eyeing. Go get a manicure. Give yourself a healthy reward.

Get Serious About Your Fitness

Don’t just tell yourself that you will see if it works. Decide what you need to do to make your goals happen. You need to exercise if you plan on staying healthy and exercising on the daily. These goals take dedication and hard work. When you get excited about your workout, you can live up to your goals. After all, you will be surprised at how much a difference at attitude change can make.

Have a Great Support System

It’s easy for you to lose your attitude, especially if you are used to having a bowl of ice cream every night. That is why it is important to have a support system that wants to help and believes in you.


Never give up is the main key to a successful diet. Adopting a whole new attitude requires both time and motivation. However, sticking to a new healthy attitude will surely stay in the long run.