Waist Trainer Review UK & USA

Even the Kardashians are posting pictures & videos off themselves wearing a waist trainer. And they are telling people that they are working

What Does A Waist Trainer Do

 A waist trainer is a shaped garment which you wear around your torso to pull in your stomach, which helps you sweat out water retention while working out, which in turn helps you lose weight

Should I Buy A Waist Trainer

Well with everybody going on about waist trainers i decided to jump on the bandwagon and bought one for myself , because I wanted to see if it really did help me lose weight

Did the Waist Trainers Help Me Lose Weight

Well after 2 weeks of wearing it i can honestly say i loved it. I lost two inches around my stomach and I highly think it is worth the investment.
At first I’ll be honest and say it was a little bit uncomfortable and it did take a few days for me to get used to,  but once i got it fixed to my shape and tucked under my boobs i did get used to it, infact at times i did forget it was there
Now i am not saying that this will be the case for everyone, because it wont. Everybody reacts in different way’s, be it slimming tablets, or diets. What may work for me will not work for you and vice versa, so in my opinion, its a case of trial and error.
My advice is, if you are keen to get a waist trainer, but dont wont to go and spend the money just yet, borrow one off a friend who has one, and try it for a week and see if you think this is for you.

Waist Trainers Do They Work

Well the answer to that is yes and no.

Answer  YES it works

Waist trainers are made from latex material, and this in turn helps you sweat more. So naturally when you work out with a waist trainer on you are going to sweat more than usually and this in turn will get rid off more water retention that you have in your body. So the minute you go and step on these scales and weigh yourself you are going to be 3lbs lighther.
So in theory it does work but only for  short period of time, because the minute you go and have a glass of water and going get st#uck into your next big meal in theory the weight will just come straight back

Answer No it does not work

They will only help you lose water weight quickly and not actually body fat itself.
Yes, the more you excercise you do with your waist trainer you will sweat more and in the long run you will lose that unwanted weight, so in theory yes it will help you lose weight. But if it is a more quick permanant fix you are looking for then a waist trainer is not the answer.

Is Waist Training Dangerous

One of the most popular questions that gets asked about waist trainers is, are they dangerous ?
Well naturally a waist trainer is a corset, and a corsets job is to hold your stomach or reduce its size, and this is done by tightened it up to fit the shape of your body
Now if after fitting mine, my mother was to ask me if this uncomfortable, and i said yes, what would be the logic thing to do? LOOSEN IT UP !!!
You hear these horror stories about women that have damaged there organs or fainted due to wearing a waist trainer, but lets be honest, they have had them on too bloody tight, because they want to be the next kardashian.
My advice is to visit the www.orchardcorsetblog.com website, where they explain on how to break in your new waist training corset properly

Waist Trainer Benefits

The main benefit of wearing a waist trainer is it gets rid of water retention around your midsection when you train, just how athletes use the sauna to get rid of excess water before a big event, and this in turn allows you to lose anything between 2 – 3lbs during your workout, depending on how far you push yourself
Second benefit is when wearing a corset during a workout, it reminds you to fix your posture and to hold your core tight. You can feel yourself sometimes getting a little bit slouchy, but with the waist trainer on, you immediately want to fix your posture and tighten your inner corset muscles

Waist Trainer How To Use Properly

Dont Overdo Things

When you start using your trainer for the first time my first bit of advice is you shouldn’t overdo it. You still want to be able to breathe while wearing your corsets so don’t over tighten your corset.

Adjust it to fit your body shape an make sure you are comfy

When Do You Start To See Results

The second question most commonly asked is how long do you have to wear the waist trainer to see results ?

Everyone is different and some people start seeing results after only a few weeks, where as some people may take slighty longer

My advice is just to wear it while training

Take Things Slow To Begin With

Let your body adjust to the new corset and just go with what feels comfortable for you.
If when training it starts to hurt stop and loosen some of the buttons and re-ajust the corset till you feel comfy

Should You Wear It While Sleeping ?

Some people recommend wearing it while sleeping but i wouldn’t recommend doing this
This is the active trainer and should only really be worn while working out, because this is when you are going to sweat. Your not going to sweat while sleeping are you ?

Waist Trainer Results – Will They Last

I have to disappoint you and say no it doesn’t last forever. It is not permanent but think  about it in the same way as working out
If you were to workout everyday for the rest of your life you would always have a top notch body But if you were to stop working out you’re going to see your body change ?
It’s the same thing with waist training, it’s something that you would have to do consistently because once you stop, the results are going to fade otherwise I think we would all have the perfect hourglass shape

Waist Trainer Results In A Week – Before and After

Even though the results will not last if you stop training here is some before and after pictures to cheers you and let you know what you can achieve

I Want To Look Good for the Weekend

Great tip I can give you guys is if you don’t have the shape you are looking for yet and you want to look good for the weekend,  you can still wear your waist trainer under your dress or top
No one will know that it is there and you will look hot. That’s the great thing about waist trainers

Waist Trainer Reviews


Below you will see a list of the top selling waist trainers on the uk market today that comes with a ggod sales and review record

FeelinGirl Waist Trainer Review

The FeelinGirl Women’s Waist trainer is made of 100% Latex and comes in a choice of 12 beautiful colours

It is of a slim fit and is available in all sizes.  It is also Cotton lined to ensure that this waist trainer has a great function of sweat-absorbent when you take exercise, thus helping you lose more weight

  • 100% Latex, 96% Cotton,4% Spandex 
  • With holes, breathable high quality steel bones waist trainer cincher
  • flexible and durable thin steel bones can prevent the garment from rolling up or down
  • Made of comfortable and personal skin-friendly material
  • The zipper front conceals and smooths the hook and eye front closure
  • Three rows of hook and eyes for a more customizable fit
  • It boasts high quality neoprene fabric that offers reduction and provides freshness and softness to the skin
  • The waist cincher is suitable for average to long torso

Most reviews on this product are positive with most customers saying what a lovely fit it is and saying how nice the material is

Any complaints have mostly been about it does’nt fit but i am assuming this is people who bought the wrong size. This is a thing you must make sure of when buying, that you are getting the right size to fit your shape, be it slim fit or plus size

Angool Waist Trainer

The Angools Women’s Waist trainer is again made of 96% cotton 4% Spandex, & 100% Latex100% Latex and comes in a choice of 5 beautiful colours and comes complete with a tape measure

  • High quality material:100% Natural Latex rubber covering; 96% Cotton+4% Spandex Lining
  • Front and Linning Cotton, Middle Latex
  • 9 spiral felixboning supports,flexible and durable,bend easily but recover quickly to origin
  • 3 hook-and-eye closures for flexible sizing
  • Boosts thermal activity and gently lifts underbust
  • High Compression,reduce waistline up to 3 sizes instantly

It is of a slim fit and is available in all sizes.  It is also Cotton lined to ensure that this waist trainer has a great function of sweat-absorbent when you take exercise, thus helping you lose more weight

Most reviews on this product are positive. that the material is good quality , but people do seem to be saying it is off small size so to order a size up from what you want


Looking at the UK MARKET there is alot of waist trainers out there and i can go on all day, but in my opinion they all are about the same in price and design so what i have done is giving you a link to the best selling page of all waist trainers in the UK

This way you can have look at all of them yourself and decide which one suits you best

Waist Trainer USA

Like Above i am going to do a review on the top 2 selling waist trainers on the USA market, then give you a link to the best sellers page so you can have a look for yourself.

The waist trainers below come complete with excellent sales records and reviews

Camellias Waist Trainer Belt

Camellias slimming waist trainer belt belly band body shaper wraps easily around your tummy tuck like a snatcher or waist cincher eraser, and provides adjustable firm compression around your abdomen and stomach. It gives you the hourglass curves instantly and can be used during work, daily outfit, workout, fitness or sauna.

  • Increases Sweating: Helps you sweat and burn inches off your waist.
  • Corrects posture and helps to eliminate lower back pain, protects and prevents injury.
  • This item has an adjustable sweat band to fit and ideal for the gym or other fitness activities
  • Reduces and Shapes Your Waistline, Flattens Abdomen: Reduces your waist 3~5inches.
  • Suitable for sports, cycling and weight lifting. Burn your stomach fat faster and maximize
  • calorie burn during exercise with the waist trimmer tummy slimming belt.

For my second choice of a recommended waist trainer, i have decided to go for camellias again because they seem to have the best range on the market, with the most excellent prices and with come in a great ranges of colours

And the most important part of course is that they have excellent for the feedback in question

Camellias Waist Trainer Corset

Authentic and high quality latex rubber to deliver the most comfortable and pleasant experiences for your waist training slimming and weight loss efforts. 3 layers of latex Fabric:

Inner layer made of soft and cozy 91% Cotton+9% Spandex; Mid layer of 100% natural latex; Outer layer of durable 80% Nylon+20% Lycra & spandex.

  • Breathable Latex Sport Girdle Waist Training Corset
  • 25 Steel Boned Latex Waist Trainer Corset For Weight Loss Waist Cincher

  • Classic 3 Hooks Latex Waist Trainer Corset For Weight Loss Waist Cincher

  • 3 rows of Hook-and-eye closure to keep a tight fit around your waist to achieve long lasting waist cinching effect even after you start to lose weight, 9 steel bones construction ensure the quality of body shapewear.It’s flexible and durable, as soft as plastic bones, can bend easily but recover quickly to origin. If you worried about steel boned or not, you can test it with a magnet.

  • High compression around your waist, and reduce your waist line by more than 3 inches to give you the desired hourglass figure. Select the size you like with the size map. please measure your waist circumference and abdominal circumference before buying, if your chest and buttocks more plentiful,you should order a size up

  • Our latex waist trainer corsets are steel boned to provide more stiffness and support to keep you in best posture. Latex waist cincher trimmer easily adjustable from low to high due to the elastic band to increase the compression while training, shaping and loosing inches

  • It helps to boost thermo activity and gently lifts underbust, and delivers tummy control immediately after putting it on. It helps you to get a quicker post pregnancy recovery. Perfect for everyday wear, make you slim and beautiful,slimming fabric make it seamless, and can be wear under clothes whenever go to a party, work or a gym,suitable for any occasions.

Again Looking at the USA MARKET there is alot of waist trainers & belts out there to chhose from so what i have done is made a link to all the best selling waist training corsets and belts on the american maret

This way you can have look at all of them yourself and decide which one you like best

Thank you for visiting my page and hope to see you back here soon to look at new posts i will be doing on weekly basis

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