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Waterproof Fitness Tracker UK Review

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Today i am going to be talking about the top 3 waterproof fitness trackers for swimming available on the UK market today

Best Swimming Tracker

Misfit Shine 2 UK Review

 I’m gonna start with Misfits shine 2.   There owned by fossil and are one of the largest wearable companies out there
They teamed up with speedo to create this device and it looks like a little quarter watch, and it’s got a dial around the front with LEDs and those will show you your progress towards your daily activity goal
It will also show you the time of day and in general it looks just like a normal piece of jewellery, which is nice because it doesn’t look like a fitness tracker
You can wear it on your wrist on your hip,  or round a pendants for your neck so it’s kind of a cool guys tracker
Girls can wear it also, and can dress it up or dress it down, so it’s a pretty versatile device
It tracks all of your normal steps and one really really cool thing about this device is that it’s powered off of a coin cell battery, which means that you don’t need to actually charge it
You just swap out the coin cell every five to six months which is very easy to do
It does all of your normal activity tracking stuff and does have a few smart watch features ( although those are not the focus in terms of swimming ) it tracks your laps, your total distance and then it will estimate your calories as well
You can change the pool size if you want too. I think it’s like 25 meters 25 yards and 50 meters and you can adjust that within the mobile app. And then one really nice thing about misfit is it gives you the option to start a workout on your mobile app
So lets say I want to swim for 25 minutes, you set your tracker and once done the device will actually buzz to let you know when you’re done with your 25 minute workout
Now in terms of accuracy customers found it to be pretty good
People found the accuracy to be pretty good ie.. if they swam like a thousand meters eight hundred meters, they found it to be like 25 meters to 50 meters off and sometimes spot on.
So I think for most people out there the misfit shine will do just fine.
Price wise pretty reasonable, retailing at just under £40
Looking at the reviews it seems to be one of these models in the UK that there is split option on.
You either like it or you dont.

Fitbit Flex 2 UK Review

So this is actually the first Fitbit device that was waterproof so think of this basically as your standard activity tracker
It has five LEDs that will show you your progress
  • Track steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes, and hourly activity
  • Wear it in the shower, ocean or pool
  • Removable tracker by hiding it inside wristband, bangle and pendant
  • Automatically track how long and how well you sleep
  • Get call and text notifications with unique vibration patterns
The only downfall is that None of above have a heart rate sensor
What’s is nice about the Flex 2 is that there are a bunch of different accessories that you can buy for your fitbit
If you were a young lady or something, you could buy different pendants, necklaces or a bangle
Priced at just under £60 complete with free shipping i think this is defo a must if you are serious about investing in a waterproof fitness trainer
The only downfall that I can see with the flex 2 is that it’s battery life is only around 5 days compared to 6 months with the shine
But it definitely has the best mobile app out of all three of these devices so if you care about challenges and competing with friends and really looking at all of your data and incorporating your weight and diet and all that you really can’t do any better than Fitbit
Final verdict – A good one to invest in

Moov Now UK Review

Now last up on the list is the one that supplies the most data and near same price as the fitbit
Not a lot of people have probably heard of this brand but the price for this model is just under £60 typically
It’s defo the ugliest of the three devices without a doubt. It kind of looks like a quarter and this one tracks all sorts of things
  • It can coach you through running and cycling
  • And like a cardio class but the other thing is swimming
  • It supplies a lot of data to you so it gives you your distance
  • Plus it also breaks down each one of your laps
  • So it’ll tell you the lap time
  • It’ll tell you how long it took you to turn
  • And it also incorporates how many strokes it took you to complete that lap
  • And it also recognizes what type of swimming you’re doing
So when I’m doing freestyle swimming it knows that so it gives you a lot of data again
People found it to be pretty accurate but the one downfall with all of these is that they don’t have a display so if it messes up when you’re swimming you can’t really correct it on the device
You have to check that out later in their mobile app
This Model is also powered off a coin cell battery. The biggest downside that I found with the move now is that it’s lesser-known the mobile app isn’t as robust as Fitbit and it’s not really your typical activity tracker
It’s more of a fitness coach than it is an activity tracker, though it does track your daily activity and your sleep

Final Verdit on Above

So those are the three of the best water proof fitness trackers on the market
Me personally would go for the fitbit. I think the other 2, design wise do not look good, but like people say in the UK, dont judge a book by its cover. They may not look good but then can definatly do the job they are meant to do
If you are just looking for a general waterproof fitness tracker then click on the image below and this will take you to the best sellers on amazon.co.uk
Hopefully our advice was helpful and will help you in your quest to find a waterproof fitness tracker for your swimming activities that will suit you best
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